Kind Words from Clients

Sara A.

Dan’s coaching changed everything. I am a better lawyer and boss. My personal life is so much better. Every lawyer needs a Dan.

Jamie L.

I needed someone who understood how I think and was smart enough to handle it. Dan was and helped me to see myself more clearly. Surprisingly, my emotional work significantly improved my thinking. I consistently enjoy the law, myself, relationships, and life (and the people in my life feel the same about me).

Bradley S.

Dan helped me see what I needed to do differently in law school, and it made all the difference in my 1st year. I was able to acclimate and do very well because I understood what to expect and how not to get in my own way.

Denise H.

I had a successful 1st semester in law school because Dan prepared me for things I did not even know to think about. I hit the ground running and avoided so many of the 1st year issues faced by so many of my class. I have a clear understanding of how I study best, how to read cases efficiently and very importantly, I know the ways to take care of myself to handle the pressures and stress.

Shawn A.

One of the best things Caron and I have ever done. I encourage anyone to take a course from Dan Sivils. I will say that it’s not “easy”, but it is life changing. I am not sure I have ever seen someone whose talents so perfectly intersect with what the worlds needs as when Dan is teaching a course. I would not be surprised if time stands still for him while he’s helping others in this way. Please consider a gift to yourself—take one of his courses, do the work and watch your life transform.

Tammy G.

Absolutely life changing.

Theresa B.

I hold Dan as one of my greatest life gifts. What could be more precious than learning practical tools to align the head and the heart? To do this deep learning that markedly improves my marriage, my parenting AND friendships is a hero’s journey. Dan provides a perfect compass for life’s most important adventure. I delight in his brilliant sense of humor which provides the best comic relief when doing the intense work. Thank you, Dan.

Shifra F.

Dan helped me come to some real truths about myself and my past and enabled me to move forward in my personal journey. He became an important mentor and friend and is someone I still turn to during times of success and challenge.

Jennifer S.

Life changing

Cathy L.

Best. Experience. Ever. Thank you!!!!

Cherie M.

You have been a very important part of my daughter’s personal development. What I love most about you is how much you open your heart to your students and really show caring from the highest and best place! You are intuitive, kind, and clear about all of your communications! Thanks for the difference you make.