Life Coaching

WHAT IS Life Coaching?

Guidance for Your Gifts

You have the potential to journey inward and discover your authentic self and your unique gifts. You can discover your purpose and create a meaningful life. You can thrive. I can guide you on that journey.

Pursuing your purpose does not necessarily demand a career or lifestyle change. It does demand awareness and action. Your reward will be a meaningful life in which you feel you are being true to yourself. You will experience more fulfillment in love, family, social and work relationships. I offer customized, individual, and couple sessions that will guide you to identify and replace limiting beliefs that prevent you from creating the relationships and life you desire.

Life Coaching Guides You To

Intense and effective personal growth

Improving and creating the relationships you desire

Overcoming personal obstacles and limiting beliefs

Discovering and pursuing what makes you come alive

I meet you where you’re at and together we create a framework that guides you toward your goals. Want to learn more?

My Coaching Blueprint

I take a non-formulaic approach that incorporates:



Growth & Action

Self-Compassion & Empathy

If this resonates with you, I invite you to sign up for an introductory coaching session.


The Coaching Process

Step 1

Connecting to create a trust-based relationship

Step 2

Determining a framework for working together

Step 3

Gaining insights and awareness into root causes & roadblocks impacting your achievement of your goals

Step 4

Developing a path to create fundamental changes and emerge with creativity and intelligence – your “true self”

Quotes to Live By

Frequently-asked questions

Life Coaching FAQ

  • I don't diagnose and will tell you when professional mental health care is needed or should be considered. I have decades of experience as an attorney and coach, which enables me to know my services' legal and ethical boundaries.
  • My coaching style is centered around your future goals, and I prioritize maintaining an equal partnership between us. I understand you by finding what resonates with you and immediately guiding you to gain a more profound, authentic sense of self. By doing so, you can solidify your goals and take measurable steps toward achieving them. Together, we can uncover what you truly want and create a plan to make it a reality.
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My initial training was two years plus hundreds of hours in course rooms assisting instructors in students with every aspect of courses. My training proved more intense and challenging than law school. I learned by doing extraordinary deep work on myself and witnessing it being done with others. I have spent several thousands of hours immersed as student, Instructor, and Coach.  Every year I immerse myself in a new type of learning as a student. That includes outdoor adventures, Quests, courses, personal coaching and various modalities of deep learning. I am always immersed in my own personal work and will never guide anyone to a depth that I have not been deeper. I develop my coaching style from deep, intense, and continuous work on myself. This work is my calling which means it is the thing yearn to do, love to do, and experience joy and fulfillment doing. Because it’s my calling, I also must do it to thrive in life.

You are a good fit if you're willing to: do the work, which may be deep and intense; be introspective with self-compassion and curiosity; and to learn to pursue your journey with emotional intelligence. To make sure we make a great match, I offer a full refund for new clients after my introductory session.

It’s time to connect your potential with your purpose. Learn your value, listen to your voice, and unleash the calling that makes your life magnificent.