Meet Dan

My Story

Dan Sivils, Esq.

My professional story began in 1992 with earning my law degree and becoming an attorney in Missouri. I enjoyed my work and excelled at what I did because of my ability to listen, understand, communicate, and formulate solutions. As a lawyer, I balance seeing the big picture, understanding the nuance of relevant factors, and zeroing in on the specific evidence and facts that can make or break a case. I have the exceptional skill to move pieces and communicate with influence, leading to successful results. I have practiced in many areas, but my consistent focus is litigating complex cases, including mass torts and catastrophic injuries.

While managing my law career, I discovered personal development work in 1998 on a 19-day hike in Peru which led to finding my new calling in an intense and life-changing course later that year. Everything I learned and practiced in this arena complimented my work as a lawyer and allowed me to grow into my strengths while getting to know myself more deeply. Because this work was so meaningful and fulfilling, I began a new path in pursuit of coaching and teaching others in addition to my legal practice. Eventually, I transitioned to being a full-time coach and legal counselor. The opportunity to coach others on that journey is an honor and a gift for which I am grateful.

I love what I do as a coach. The law will always be stimulating, but personal development work uniquely fulfills me. For decades, I have remained committed to continual learning for my life with my own emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence.

I love being in nature for the beauty and presence, connection, peace, and clarity it provides. My coaching foundation includes experience with vision quests, personal development retreats, spiritually-seeking wilderness trips, and outdoor descent into the soul vision quest with Animas Valley Institute and training at the world-renowned Boulder Outdoor Survival School and National Outdoor Leadership School and Wilderness Medical Institute.

When not working, I create fun, make people laugh, have an adventure, or recharge as an introvert. And everything is better with dogs and other animals.

My Journey

Milestones & Achievements


BA, University of Missouri


JD, University of Missouri


Certified Coach and Instructor, Global Relationships Center with Bill Riddler

2001 – 2022

Certified Coach and Instructor, Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company – including extensive ongoing training with Pam Dunn. Teaching students throughout the entire country.

2003 – 2006

Facilitator, Lost & Found – grief support for children who have lost a parent or sibling


Boulder Outdoor Survival School


Animas Valley Vision Quest


National Outdoor Leadership School & Wilderness Medicine Institute of National Outdoor Leadership School

2013 – Present

Hero’s Journey camping for middle school children

2010 – 2022

Instructor for Heart Mind & Soul, leading courses for the Jewish Orthodox community in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

2015 – 2018

Facilitator for St. Louis city elementary schools – Peaceful Project Non-Profit Organization

2015 – 2022

Instructor for LGBTQIA+ Teen Courses

2022 – Present

Retreat leader for the business and course “Calling In Love”, which provides unique learning and experiences, including native medicines, in Colombia


Peru, Canada, California, Colorado, Colombia, Georgia, Ozarks, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

I look forward to helping guide you along your journey.

It’s time to connect your potential with your purpose. Learn your value, listen to your voice, and unleash the calling that makes your life magnificent.