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Guiding Your Life to Purpose

Life’s challenges and struggles are inescapable, but within every obstacle, there exists the opportunity for discovery and action that leads to a new sense of self, way of being, and experiences in every aspect of your life. A meaningful and joyful life is the reward for learning to surrender to being human while striving for well-being. Discovery, awareness, learning, healing, and action will lead to your purpose. 

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Hi, I'm Dan Sivils

I have been teaching, coaching, and continually training since 2001. As a life coach, I will guide you to discover your unique gifts, eliminate limiting beliefs, and create a better life. No matter what your purpose is, you can discover what makes you come alive and start experiencing the life you deserve.

How Can Coaching Help?

Coaching requires establishing a trustworthy relationship, determining goals and a framework for ways of working together.

You will develop a path to create fundamental changes and emerge with creative ideas and passion from your innate intelligence or “true self.”

Sessions will bring increased awareness to root causes in the way of your goals and help you to gain clarity and a focused path forward.

I do not use a formulaic approach and am instead skilled at meeting a client where they are and guiding them to where they want to go.

Coaching & Quests


My mission is to guide clients to create an authentic and fulfilling life. I guide individuals and couples to discover and move through issues that are in their way.

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Latest Podcast

I was invited to speak on the Whole Hearted Parenting Podcast on the topic of Boundaries. Check out the Insights blog for additional podcast content, and much more.

Kind Words From Clients

One of the best things Caron and I have ever done. I encourage anyone to take a course from Dan Sivils. I will say that it’s not “easy” but it is life changing. I am not sure I have ever seen someone whose talents so perfectly intersect with what the worlds needs as when Dan is teaching a course. I would not be surprised if time stands still for him while he’s helping others in this way. Please consider a gift to yourself—take one of his courses, do the work and watch your life transform.
Shawn Askinosie
askinosie chocolate
What’s not to say? Dan is the best. Just the right amount of funny, loving, realistic and supportive. The courses are definitely a direct reason as to why my life is where it is right now. I’m actually happy. Married, baby #1 complaining about naptime, baby #2 arriving in March. And I know it’s all because of the tools I learned and stress I’ve been able to let go of. Couldn’t be more appreciative. Seriously hoping I get to come back and assist one day!
Bethanne A.
I always wonder why anybody would not consider going – that one weekend when I was a student changed my life! I left feeling happier, having more courage, seeing the beauty in myself and the people I knew, my relationship with my husband of 30 years was totally renewed!!!! It is a room where all the people support you, no one judges you, it is a different and fun (Dan is so funny, he makes everyone laugh so much. If anyone is considering going – just go and give yourself one of the best gifts on this planet!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!
Sandy Trencher
Heart, Mind & Soul
Dan, you rock! You are a gifted coach and instructor. I can’t count the times that I've been in awe watching you do your craft with easy and such amazing compassion. And you are funny at just the right times to reduce the tension and bring light the very heavy situations. You are also brilliant and re framing and putting things int o perspective (especially the perspective of the adult).
Jeff E.

It’s time to connect your potential with your purpose. Learn your value, listen to your voice, and unleash the calling that makes your life magnificent.