Divorce Coaching

WHAT IS Divorce Coaching?

Navigating Divorce: Guidance and Support from an Experienced Life Coach and Lawyer

Divorce can be an isolating and challenging journey, leaving you overwhelmed and uncertain about the next steps. While the support from loved ones can be beneficial, it may also bring added pressure from their opinions and expectations, contributing to the existing stress. I offer empathetic, well-informed, and practical guidance as a divorce coach.
Together, we will focus on enhancing your mental and emotional well-being, enabling you to make decisions that resonate with your genuine values and aspirations.
Rather than undergoing a complete transformation, divorce is more about recognizing and shedding the beliefs, emotions, and coping mechanisms that no longer serve you. This process involves acknowledging these aspects, understanding their origins and effects, and gradually replacing them with healthier and more adaptive ones. My services are designed to provide the support and tools you need to navigate this challenging time, offering you a path to healing, personal growth, and a future that aligns with your genuine self.
Divorce, a process that often involves pain and agony, is a journey I am here to guide you through. I will help you comprehend and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different pathways, such as contested and non-contested divorce, mediation, and collaborative divorce. I’ll provide you with a deeper understanding of the legal procedures, significantly alleviating stress, concerns, and fears while offering clarity regarding your identity, present and future financial situations, and the necessary strategies for handling the predictable challenges. My approach substantially reduces costs and expenses.
My approach also equips parents with the knowledge and skills to support, guide, and nurture their children through this challenging time. Divorce involves inner reflection to pave the way for a future that aligns with your genuine self. Acknowledging these emotions is not only crucial but also the gateway to healing, personal growth, and flourishing. By doing so, you can minimize needless suffering and embrace the meaningful transformation that arises from essential hardship. The ultimate reward is a profound understanding of yourself in the life you yearn to create, validating and understanding your feelings throughout the process. You will have reduced stress, increased clarity, financial savings, and an awakened sense of your true self.

Are You Contemplating A Divorce?

I will help you understand yourself, your partner, your children, and your relationship and guide you to clarity in deciding whether to work on the marriage or prepare for a healthy divorce, including finding the right attorney for you.

What should you know?

Important Considerations

Anger Can Be Costly

Anger can cause you to lose out on things you could have otherwise won, and new problems will arise with skyrocketing costs. FEELING anger is healthy and leads to healing with guidance and support. However, how you EXPRESS anger is either productive or leads to unnecessary damage, financial crisis, and exorbitant attorney fees. I'll help you heal and ensure that anger does not negatively affect you by being an underlying motivator in creating your future.

Your Life Can Be Fulfilling Again

Discovering and working on your own issues is challenging in a divorce but doing so will help you live more meaningfully and with more fulfillment. You will have better future relationships. If you are a parent, these things will allow you to be the parent you desire to be, even while navigating the divorce process.

Focus On Positive Growth & Change

Positive change and growth can occur with yourself as well as your future ex-spouse and children even if you are the only one who does this work.

Difficult Emotions Are Normal

Sadness, hurt, fear, and anger are normal and healthy feelings, but your attorney is not the person to work on understanding these emotions with; I am. Your attorney can serve you better and much less expensively when you do the inner work needed for healing, growth, and happiness.

Let Justice & Self-Compassion Guide You

My work always revolves around justice, fairness, self-love, and compassion. Acting from anger, fear, hurt, or revenge will ultimately harm you and your loved ones. Authentic peace and happiness result from healing and letting go in a way that serves you and those you love.

Your Children Can Grow And Heal, Too

Divorce is hard for children, but it can lead to exceptional positive outcomes for their future. When your children are adults, your work will make it more likely that they will choose great partners and have the tools to navigate their relationship challenges.

The American Bar Association Definition:

"Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns."

My Coaching Blueprint

I take a non-formulaic approach that incorporates:



Growth & Action

Self-Compassion & Empathy

If this resonates with you, I invite you to sign up for an introductory coaching session.


The Coaching Process

Step 1

Connecting to create a trust-based relationship

Step 2

Determining a framework for working together

Step 3

Gaining insights and awareness into root causes & roadblocks impacting your achievement of your goals

Step 4

Developing a path to create fundamental changes and emerge with creativity and intelligence – your “true self”

Quotes to Live By

Frequently-asked questions

Divorce Coaching FAQ

No. I limit my work to coaching only.
Divorce coaching includes life coaching but has additional benefits that I can give because I am an attorney. Having an understanding of the legal process, including your own lawyer, can prove extremely beneficial.

Yes. I have represented clients in divorce and several other family law situations.

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