Divorce Coaching

WHAT IS Divorce Coaching?

Navigating Divorce: Guidance and Support from a Coach and Lawyer

Divorce can be an incredibly difficult and lonely experience to navigate. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward. While the support of friends and family can be helpful, it can also add extra stress, including the pressure of opinions and expectations. That’s where I come in as a divorce coach. I will guide you through this challenging time with a compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective approach. Together, we will work towards mental and emotional grounding and making decisions that align with your authentic values and desires. Divorce isn’t really about changing into a new you; instead, it is about discovering and then dropping all of the beliefs, feelings, and coping behavior that never was truly you.

My services go beyond that of a typical life coach. As a lawyer, I can provide options and guidance for finding the right attorney for your specific situation. I’ll help you understand and weigh the pros and cons of various paths forward, including contested and non-contested divorce, mediation, and collaborative divorce. You can have a level of understanding of the legal process that is life-changing because of your reduction in stress, worry, and fears; you can gain clarity about yourself, your situation, and how to handle the problematic people and nurture yourself and your children. You cannot, and should not, avoid the pain. Still, you can eliminate unnecessary suffering and experience the meaningfulness and transformation that only comes from the necessary suffering. The reward is having powerful clarity of yourself and the life you will create. Let’s work together to create a plan that honors who you are, helps you move forward confidently, and causes you to thrive.

Are You Contemplating A Divorce?

If you are contemplating divorce and are not sure about what you want to do in your relationship, I can help you with efforts to improve your marriage and determine what path is best for you and your family. Divorce is painful but can ultimately be a healthy and healing process, as can reconciliation. Whether your path is to stay in your marriage or not, I will help you rebuild, persevere, and create your new future.

What should you know?

Important Considerations

Anger Can Be Costly

Anger can cost you money in a divorce and can cause you to lose on issues you otherwise could have won. Anger is a normal and healthy feeling; the expression of anger is where the trouble can start. I can help you discover, understand, and heal so you can create your vision for your future.​

Your Life Can Be Fulfilling Again

Discovering and working on your own issues is challenging in a divorce but doing so will help you live more meaningfully and with more fulfillment. You will have better future relationships. If you are a parent, these things will allow you to be the parent you desire to be, even while navigating the divorce process.

Focus On Positive Growth & Change

Positive change and growth can occur with yourself as well as your future ex-spouse and children even if you are the only one who does this work.

Difficult Emotions Are Normal

Sadness, hurt, and fear are normal and healthy feelings, but your attorney is not the person to work on understanding these emotions with; I am. Your attorney can serve you better when you do this work.​

Let Justice & Self-Compassion Guide You

My work is always about justice, fairness, self-love, and compassion. Revenge and vengeance hurt you and the people who love you in the long run and needs to be healed and let go.

Your Children Can Grow And Heal, Too

Divorce is hard and does affect children, but it can lead to positive outcomes for them. When your children are adults, the work you did will make it more likely that they will have the tools to navigate their own relationship challenges.

The American Bar Association Definition:

"Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns."

My Coaching Blueprint

I take a non-formulaic approach that incorporates:



Growth & Action

Self-Compassion & Empathy

If this resonates with you, I invite you to sign up for an introductory coaching session.


The Coaching Process

Step 1

Connecting to create a trust-based relationship

Step 2

Determining a framework for working together

Step 3

Gaining insights and awareness into root causes & roadblocks impacting your achievement of your goals

Step 4

Developing a path to create fundamental changes and emerge with creativity and intelligence – your “true self”

Quotes to Live By

Frequently-asked questions

Divorce Coaching FAQ

No. I limit my work to coaching only.
Divorce coaching includes life coaching but has additional benefits that I can give because I am an attorney. Having an understanding of the legal process, including your own lawyer, can prove extremely beneficial.

Yes. I have represented clients in divorce and several other family law situations.

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